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Posted on: March 22, 2009

These following  question are raised by Lawyers and my answears


Why were 800 armed police positioned at the High Court campus from 2.30 on 19th February?

“”Is it not CORRECT on the part of L&O agencies that when a riotous situation is contemplated (like that of Law Students) any prudent Police would mobilize men and position them?Is it not a simple fundamental Police rule. Incidentally is it not true that a maximum of 200 men only present at court?”

“” Why did the police not arrest the 15 miscreant lawyers allegedly involved in egg-pelting inside a Court hall?

Was it not the very purpose for the police to be there. (Was it not true that information was given to the Registrar general about the negotiated arrest)

“”Why did they create a drama on the 19th Feb. in High Court Campus when all the lawyers had resumed court work?””

“”Was not a group of advocates enacted the DRAMA of QUID PRO QUO arrest of Swamy?””

How can anyone justify brutal attack on women and children, judges and lawyers, court staff, litigants and members of the public inside court halls and outside on the streets?

“”Whenever action on unruly mob to disperse is taken, it is not normal that such members of the MOB, bystanders etc get injuries?””

Did not the police plan the attack and close the High Court gates before the Lathi-charge?

“”Is it not true that Police closed all the gates only after the members of MOB and other lawyers present in Court premises were driven out?””

Who were the men in black and white uniforms sent into the Court by the police with clear directions, “Poi adingada” (go thrash them) “”

Can anyone be sure that it can not be the arrangement of those Tamil protectors who sent Advocates to attack Swamy?

“” How did the police know that the police station would catch fire and remove ammunition and records in advance?

Is it not correct that it is only Your allegation that records were removed? Was there any ammunition in the first place? Was the fire really caused by “Hooligan” lawyers? “”What if it is proved by legal means to the Satisfation of a Commission ? If proved What remedy you offer

?”” Why did the police suppress from Justice Srikrishna that Police Commissioner was instructed by the Acting Chief Justice to remove Armed Police at 4.20 pm and the Police Commissioner had arrived at High Court by 4.30 pm? “”

Was it relevant for your case anyway even if your allegation is true? Is it not true that Srikrisha commission has voice recordings and written submissions so that it can be checked?

“” Who gave permission for the entry and assault by the Armed Police, when the High Court did not give permission? ”

Any officer who is on on the spot of any riot can order action. He do not need any permission from anyone. Is it not surprising that so called leanered lawyers raise the question ?

“”When FIRs have been registered against 300 Lawyers, why have no cases been registered against the police despite clear video proof of their assault on judges and lawyers? ”

Is not only a Judicial Probe is ordered against Police whenever there any allegations of EXCESSES by Police against anyone are made? and NO FIR is registered?

“” How can there be a fair enquiry when the DIG, Commissioner of Police and IAS officers responsible for the atrocities continue to be in command? ”

Allegations of atrocities by police seniors are made by lawyers and a commission was appointed by SC and aborted with a interim report! Why not wit till they are indicted by an Independent authority?””

BOYCOTT OF COURTS IS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE If police can terrorize judges and lawyers inside Courts how can justice be done “without fear or favour” ?

Agreed. But police has not entering Court premises since then!!!

How can the ordinary person get justice in his case against the police or government when the judiciary is threatened by the Government? “Anyways most of Ordinary persons are not getting Justice! as our CM has told that Justice is being Bought. It doesn’t matter if some Injustice is done to some people as it is wildly recoganised that many laws are misused and it normal in India to misuse laws! to quote SC ” MISUSE OF LAWS IS NO REASON TO SCRAP LAWS”

Why is the Government refusing to disclose names of officials who ordered the entry of Armed Police despite Courts repeatedly asking for it? “Why the hell government should disclose?”

Is it not shielding the guilty and interfering with the case?

No. when the govt attempted to take action on the “real guilty” Vigilantism is attempted by group of lawyers!

Does not the Government benefit most when the legal system is paralysed?

A big NO!!! It is the Lawyers and Judges who have paralised the Judicary be delay adjournment and never ending Arrears. The lawyers’ boycott of courts IS AGAINST THE T.N. GOVERNMENT AND NOT AGAINST JUDICIARY. Your boycot is against the INNOCENT LITIGANT who pay you thro his nose

No provocation by few lawyers – ‘miscreants’ can justify carnage in and desecration of Courts. Any justification would lead to anarchy and lawlessness – will lead to assault on all politicians, government servants, chartered accountants, CEOs of Companies, doctors, policemen etc., because some among them are cheats and corrupt.

Most of the above are known for their corruption, misdeeds etc. The common man and litigants were under the impression Judiciary is only saviour for him and had immense faith and trust. It is BREACH OF TRUST BY LAWYERS ! They proved that they do not deserve the Trust o people. They has closed their eyes when Hooligans took over their profession. Please do not be an OSTRICH and bury your head! hve courage and accept the truth and cleanse your profession an do Justice to the litigants!



There is no justice in India! How can you attack the judicial system of Indian when the judicial system of India is nothing more than an extension of the corrupt political system?

And this worthless piece of garbage justice Krishna faults the layers, when the whole world saw the mayhem perpetrated by the khaki clad goondas of the govt, at the behest of manuvaadin superiors!!

What kind of garbage system of justice is this? The whole world saw why India will always remain a third world sewer.

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