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Save Family, Save Nation- Vote Sudhir Kumar

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Save Family, Save Nation- Vote Sudhir Kumar
April 20, 2009 will be a big day for Save Indian Family movement. One more milestone has been achieved on this very day. Sudhir KumarAnand, the commando of Save Family Foundation, has taken the movement of saving indian families against legal terrorism a big step forward . His nomination for Lok Sabha election from New Delhiconsitituency, through Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD), the party formed by IIT/IIM pass outs, was accepted by Election Commission on this day.

However, the nomination process, was not devoid of the drama thatSIFians are used to. The very next day, April 21, 2009, Dainik Jagaran, a well know Hindi newspaper daily, published the false news of cancellation of Sudhir Kumar’s nomination. SIF got into action and one of the SIF soldier rushed to the Election Office to verify it. Everything was in order, nomination was intact. Dainik Jagaran had made a big blunder by publishing false news. Or shall we suspect foul play here?
Are our opponents watching our moves ? Are they trying to demotivate our candidate ? We may not know the truth, but the fact is, we are all set to ensure a big fight to anti-family, anti-men movement of Congress.

May 7, 2009, is the D-day, when janata of New Delhi constituency will vote for its fate. They have to decide..do they want to vote for their disaster, Congress or for their harmony i.e Sudhir Kumar Ananad? Itsthier call.



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