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Why name “Save Indian Family” is used?

Posted on: July 2, 2009

SIF is primarily a Men’s Rights Organisation with some secondary objectives like
child welfare of social welfare.

Then, Why name “Save Indian Family” is used?

The name was an “accidental choice” as we did not want to use other names
synonymous with Men’s Rights like:

1) Purush Hakka.
2) Pirito Purusho Poti
3) Harassed Husbands Forum.
4) Men Cell.
5) Bibi se pitne Walon ki Sangh. (Bhaarya Baadhitula ….)

Our strategies:

After name is decided, we wanted to make the best out of it.

We wanted to take a Liberal Standpoint, while hiding behind a conservative
sounding name.

In any case, we knew that men are Axxholes, because of logic in their mind. Men
suffer because they use logic in stead of strategies and men hate

We knew: Contradictions and non-logical behaviour can make you a pain in the ass
(PITA) to the system.

So, we have a Conservative Name, with liberal ideas.

We have a Men’s Rights Organisation sitting inside a Pro-Family name.

These Contradictions are deliberately built.

(Of course some foolish members even today do not understand why contradictions,
deceptions and treachery are important weapons against a bloody asshole sort of
enemy called Feminism).

Why, we were liberal?

Because, feminists are liberal. We wanted to sit in same boat as feminists, so
that it is difficult for them to attack us.

In fact, we wanted to be mirror images of feminists so that they find it
difficult to attack us. We never wanted any high moral ground. What will I do
with high moral ground? Cultivate ground nuts?

If we had been conservatives, then feminists can easily attack us as they have
years of practice of attacking conservatives. Conservatives are born assholes in
any case.

See, we are not here to take any classes on morals and ethics.

We were facing terrorism and we got to screw enemy and we decided to screw in
whatever possible way, we find.

So, we mixed:

Conservative Name with Liberal Thoughts.
Men’s Rights with Pro-family sounding name.

See, we do not want to be saints. We wanted to be the jerks, who can screw the

Only jerks can handle bitches like feminists and terrorist states like India,
which consider people to be guilty till proven innocent.

We did not had the luxury like some of you recent guys, to be politically
correct. We were politically incorrect jerks and we were afraid of none.

Unlike many guys now, we were not interested in creating a good name for SIF. We
wanted SIF to be a movement of jerks, who can screw the system. Even today, that
is the main intention.

SIF is a Men’s Rights Organisation, made up of jerks.

In this context, SIF became famous in stead of earning a bad name.

I wanted SIF to earn bad name, in stead people started praising SIF.

I was shocked.

We blasted media with all kinds of language, and media sent Cars to Swarup
Sarkar’s house to carry him to Studios for his interviews.

We were not afraid of closing of SIF. We knew, we are jerks and we can create
another organisation in no time.

Being jerks, means full freedom. Do what you want to do.

Of course, legally.

Now, if SIF got famous due to jerks inside, what can I do?
Our goal was not to get famous.

Only a bunch of jerks can create a Men’s Rights Organisation and call it “Save
Indian Family” and then get famous, while kicking ass of other famous jerks like
Indira Victor Singh, Burundi Carrot and other bitches.

If you are not a jerk, this can sound shocking to you.

However, there is no way to tackle the hypocrite f****f**cking “seal the hole”
bitches called feminists and their pimp fathers and brothers.

You can not tackle these bastards and their pimp fathers or supporters by being
a nice guy, talking logic and explaining things logically.

Entire history of SaveIndianFamily is open for everyone to see.


From 1st Message of SaveIndianFamily Yahoogroup.


Now, look at what a jerk called “Jurk Suraiya” is writing in Times of India.


Jerks need Jerk style treatment.

If you want to live in peace:

1) Use Contradictions, where ever possible.
2) Believe that you are jerk, be comfortable with it.
3) Be a pain in the ass for the system.
4) Do not use logic.
5) Screw society legally.
6) Tell everyone to be a jerk.

If you still do not understand, ask yourself the nature of your wife and in-laws
and compare their nature with above 6 points.

If anything is achieved in SIF, it is just because of jerks in it.
The others only did time pass and took credit.

The Indian System including legal system is designed for jerks and criminals.
Only jerks and criminals have respect in this system.

I hope, its clear to you:”What is SIF?”

SIF is a Pain in the Ass (PITA) to the System.
SIF is a Men’s Rights Organisation created by jerks for other jerks.
SIF is made and run by jerks, who always think they have nothing to lose.

SIF has no noble intentions except being a “pain in the ass” to the corrupt
system, the terrorists, the extortionists and feminist bitches.

The Day SIF becomes noble like Congress party, that day we lose all the battles,
the war and live like slaves.

So, do not try to make SIF a noble movement. It was not designed to be one.

If you really want to do noble things for men, women, children, humans, then
leave SIF and join Sonia’s youth Congress and do noble things.

Best Regards
Proud to be a Jerk from Bangalore.


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sir i am giving u another idea-how to think like a women.think of your selfish interests 200% and throw logic out of the window and voila-u can think like a woman.

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